Utility companies have to manage the competing pressures of transitioning to a low-carbon economy, managing fluctuating energy prices, upgrading dated infrastructure and technology, and managing assets.

  • Rises in the cost of living means people are finding it harder to pay utility bills, causing an increasing number of payment defaults.
  • Competition is intensifying, tariffs and products are multiplying and customers are increasingly willing to switch provider to find a better deal.
  • In response to green concerns around carbon emissions and renewable sources, companies are diversifying into new markets, such as renewable energies and value added services.

The UK government’s Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) will see 53 million smart meters installed across homes and industry by 2020, shifting the relationship between consumers and utility providers and creating a complex digital network of devices and interfaces.

Helping utility companies provide a complete distribution solution

Arvato helps utility and energy companies transform their businesses processes to better deal with today’s challenges and prepare for the future, from online finance services, billing solutions and collection services, to customer contact solutions and loyalty programmes.

Arvato plays a key role in SMIP, providing a complete distribution and management solution for smart meters which includes technical device testing, installations, asset management and reverse logistics for fault analysis and refurbishment.

Client benefits

End-to-end solution ensures seamless customer service

Outsourcing the complete distribution, installation and reverse logistics for smart meters creates efficiencies and increases customer satisfaction.

Access to unrivalled quality control

A whole-of-life asset management solution for smart meters ensures all infrastructure is kept up-to-date and compliance and data protection requirements are adhered to.

Proof points

Arvato is the UK's top credit management specialist and works with a variety of UK utility providers.

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