Outsourcing Index

UK quarterly outsourcing index

Welcome to Arvato’s UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index – a market research initiative designed to analyse and document outsourcing activity in the UK.

We believe that our research will help shine a light on the contribution outsourcing makes to the UK economy – from the millions of jobs it sustains to the technical innovations it helps launch and the cost savings it delivers for a large number of organisations, public and private.

The Arvato UK Quarterly Outsourcing Index is compiled in partnership with leading BPO and IT outsourcing research and analysis firm Nelson Hall. The research is based on an analysis of outsourcing contracts completed each quarter.

Open Outsourcing

Welcome to open outsourcing

Welcome to the series of reports from Arvato, called Open Outsourcing. These reports aim to get to the heart of some of the most complex topics in the outsourcing industry with the help of our clients and industry experts.

Despite contributing £207bn (8%) of the total UK economic output, outsourcing is misunderstood and its value often understated. Open Outsourcing aims to understand and demystify some of the issues that contribute to this.

Rather than focusing on the theoretical or futuristic, we want to create and share a real-world perspective on outsourcing today by hearing directly and honestly from those people involved.