Effective engagement is about creating an agile approach to outsourcing that allows the right type of partnership to develop. One that focuses on delivering the best results for both partners and one that can evolve with changing needs. But, how does this approach differ across sectors, services, objectives and company types? Are there commonalities that we can all learn from? And, fundamentally, does effective engagement make a difference to the impact of a business outsourcing programme?

  • Our clients Microsoft, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, Bosch, Chesterfield Borough Council and Universal Music Group share their experiences and honest views on what engagement means to them, and how it’s improved the impact of their outsourcing programmes.
  • We outline the findings of an industry study where our research partner asked 100 senior BPO clients probing questions about where their outsourcing relationships are today and what they’d like to see in the future.
  • Industry experts from academia, consulting firms and industry analyst organisations share their observations on the importance of partnership in outsourcing.
  • Finally, we draw some conclusions from the perspectives in this report and our own experiences.


For the fist time, Microsoft entrusted the processing of 90% of its global revenues to a single partner, requiring a new outsourcing approach to mitigate the inherent risk. A global managed service model ensures the programme's structure.


Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council's partnership with Arvato demonstrates how a long-term contract can adapt to fundamental macro-economic changes. A partnership built on trust and flexibility has enabled the delivery of long-term value for money.


How do senior BPO clients and industry experts view the role of engagement in outsourcing partnerships? What types of partnerships exist today? What makes them successful and what are the limiting factors? Read a summary of an independent research study and feedback from industy experts.


Accelerating Bosch's ability to meet volatile demand caused by the unpredictability of the British weather meant evolving its old system to a new, more modern solution. Arvato's partnership approach built-in commitment, adaptability and scalability from the start.


Demonstrating that people are key to a successful outsourcing agreement, Chesterfield Borough Council's partnership with Arvato focuses on empowering existing employees. Experience and understanding combined with training, new approaches and technology has made the difference. 


Universal Music Group has to depend on its outsourcing partner in a constantly changing industry under pressure. Arvato embedded itself to function as an extension of the company's operations in a number of areas including logistics and customer services.


What have the client experiences, industry research and expert insight told us about the importance of effective engagement and how it can be achieved in reality? We pull together best practice and key learnings, and consider what this means for the future of the outsourcing industry. 

Delivering results clearly matters and programmes wouldn’t last long if the basic targets weren’t met. But we believe that the way in which results are delivered and the potential to add value beyond simple percentage increases is critical to business outsourcing reaching its full potential.

Exploring the topic from a number of points of view highlights the differences in diverse outsourcing agreements. But the recurring themes such as trust, collaboration, understanding, flexibility and commitment help explain the common roots of success.

We hope you enjoy reading the report!

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