What is it like to work for an outsourcer? Why is it that people are often concerned about being outsourced? How can you create real teams across organisations? How do you motivate individuals to grow and develop in a new, and sometimes very different, environment? How can people help organisations deal with evolving technologies and social change? What do they need to become empowered to do so?

  • We hear first-hand from the people involved
  • Clients explore how people have made a difference in their outsourcing partnerships
  • Industry experts and scholars share their observations on the importance of people in outsourcing
  • We look at the current skills gaps in the UK economy and explore what role outsourcing could play in filling the gap
  • Finally, we draw some conclusions from the different perspectives presented in this report and from our own experiences

Empathise - the employee perspective

What's it like to be outsourced? If people are apprehensive about change, how can partnerships adress these?

Embody - representing a client

In customer service partnerships - wether private or public sector - it's the people at the frontline who can make or break the customer experience. We hear from Zara.com and Chesterfield Borough Council about creating real ambassadors for their organisations, and an industry expert shares her thoughts on best practice.

Embed - stronger together

It's not always easy to create a shared vision and foster a team spirit between a client organisation and the teams that have transferred to the outsourcing partner. An enlightening conversation with East Cheshire NHS Trust and the views of two leading academics help us understand the key success factors.

Empower - transforming public services

Digitisation is changing the way citizens engange with public sector organisations. We travel to the Netherlands where a digitally savvy and empowered team has helped the Dutch Central Government embrace Twitter as a first point of contact for citizens. 

Enable - developing skills and talent

As the economy continues to recover, the UK is faced with an increasing skills shortage. We explore how outsourcing can upskill and develop people to provide part of the solution to fill the gap.

End - lesson learnt

We've heard from our clients, the individuals involved in our partnerships, from industry experts and academics; we summarise the central lessons learnt and outline what good looks like when it comes to empowering people in outsourcing.

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