How has outsourcing matured from a cost-cutting exercise to a means to achieve multiple business objectives, including growth? What are the key success factors for growth-driven outsourcing partnerships? And what’s the benefit of a growing outsourcing industry to the economy?

  • Industry experts debate the connection between outsourcing and growth and offer advice on how relationships can be set-up to fuel expansion.
  • Examples from five of our key clients provide insights into how they’ve used outsourcing as a means to support growth strategies, and how the public sector can benefit from the growth-oriented culture of an outsourcing partner.
  • We return to our research panel of senior BPO clients to analyse how their business outsourcing programmes have delivered against their growth objective and if they’re planning to continue to use outsourcing to expand their operations.
  • Market research and analyst insights reveal the impact a successful outsourcing industry has on the wider UK economy.
  • We conclude by bringing together the key learnings from the report to provide practical guidance for businesses and an outlook for the outsourcing industry.

Unlocking growth - a debate

If an organisation wants to outsource to help it grow, how does it go about making it a reality? Is outsourcing for growth suitable for every organisation, or will it only work in certain industries? What does the user need to look for in an outsourcing partner? Read the debate between five leading industry experts.

Getting fit for growth - streamlining supply chains

Global technology business Toshiba outsourced its UK distribution to Arvato to streamline its logistics operation and contribute to the expansion of the business. A flexible infrastructure and a collaborative partnership means its supply chain provides the firm foundation needed for growth.

Growth without borders - supporting e-commerce

E-commerce has opened up new frontiers for business targeting global expansion. But new customer groups still expect customer service in their language, familiar payment methods and speedy delivery - no matter where they shop from. We explore how teaming up with an outsourcing partner can overcome those obstacles. 

Fuelling growth - for business and the economy alike

As outsourcing providers help their clients grow, both parties benefit from the partnership's success. We've combined independently comissioned research with market data and insights from industry analysist to investigate the role outsourcing plays in supporting UK plc.

Cultivating a growth culture - examples from the public sector

With austerity dominating budget planning across the public sector, 'growth' is probably bottom of every agenda. But pioneering Councils benefit from the growth-oriented culture of their private sector partners to unlock employee potential, capture efficiencies and improve citizen services.

Enabling growth - lessons learnt

Through research, expert opinion and client case studies, we've explored how organisations use outsourcing as a means to enable their growth. We summarise what the main learnings are for clients, and discuss how the outsourcing industry can continue to play a key role in boosting growth for companies and the wider economy. 

Exploring the topic from a number of angles reveals that business outsourcing can be linked to many different forms of organisational growth; however, this is often seen as a by-product rather than the primary objective. For outsourcing to realise its full potential as a growth enabler, there needs to be clarity on the desired type of growth, the right partnership structure required to support the objective, a strong leadership commitment and cultural alignment between the vendor and client.

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