Transforming challenges into opportunities

Organisations across the public and private sectors are under increasing pressure to provide services that are better and faster, delighting customers who see digital as the new normal. While this presents new challenges for businesses, it also offers an opportunity to get ahead in markets that are becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive.

Advancements in technology are helping to provide the solution. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is one innovation that can transform areas such as HR, finance and accounting, revenues and benefits and customer service, delivering multiple benefits across an organisation.

Our RPA solutions focus on increasing the speed of administrative tasks where accuracy is critical, and works by using software to mimic human interaction with systems and follows rule-based business processes. This agile, virtual workforce improves efficiencies by being able to handle high volumes of repetitive tasks significantly quicker. It also empowers employees to innovate and dedicate more time to focus on business critical activities that require the human touch. 

Arvato's ProcessAutomate RPA solution

Arvato’s ProcessAutomate RPA solution combines our back office process expertise with our knowledge of automation technology. This enables us to streamline and automate your mundane, repetitive tasks, so that your employees can spend more time helping customers.

Our ProcessAutomate solution can be implemented within 30 days (per process) without the need for costly and complex IT integration.

Automation white paper

Arvato has created a white paper which provides public sector professionals who are under increasing pressure to control costs and deliver value for money with an overview of how robotic process automation (RPA) can help to drive transformation and much needed efficiencies.

It advises on what RPA is and typical areas suitable for its deployment, the multiple benefits that can be achieved through its use, guidance on best practice models for implementation and provides real-life examples of how automation is already working within the public sector. 

Automation case study


We have combined our expertise in back-office transformation and service delivery with market-leading technology from software developer Blue Prism to provide a suite of RPA products to serve both the public and private sectors.

We work with our clients on a blended, flexible approach, which can include an end-to-end solution of identifying, designing, building and monitoring automated processes, providing RPA-as-a-service and consultancy and training. After all, we understand that organisations need to be able to pick and choose what best fits their needs.

With our multi-skilled team of accredited software developers, RPA consultants and learning and development specialists, we have the in-house expertise to effectively automate back-office services and up-skill staff, so that the benefits of using the technology can be felt throughout an organisation.

Client benefits

Higher quality of service for customers

Increasing speed and accuracy reduces the need for customer contact and any inconvenience on their behalf

Driving efficiencies to increase capacity

By significantly reducing the administrative burden on employees, organisations can redirect resource to business-critical tasks

More opportunities for new learning

Introducing new technology into the back-office enables staff to develop new IT skills in running and maintaining RPA software

Proof points

100% auditable

Our RPA solution is 100 per cent auditable, ensuring compliance with all statutory and legal regulations

80% savings

In one of our local government partnerships, the technology has introduced time savings of up to 80 per cent across a range of back-office processes 

From £1 to 20p

In one of our local government partnerships, costs per direct debit process have been cut from £1 to 20p

100% accuracy

We have been able to virtually process back-office tasks through automation with 100 per cent accuracy