In pole position with Arvato

The automobile sector is facing major challenges: Not only must dozens of new model introductions be managed every year, but also the basic conditions are changing more and more rapidly. These changes include new rules, new customer expectations, and new technical possibilities such as digitization. At the same time, competitive pressure is steadily increasing, and automobile manufacturers are becoming increasingly international in orientation.

To run successful launch campaigns, the time-to-market factor for information, sales materials and marketing materials is critical. Only those who have all their documents in the right place at the right time can secure themselves a place at the starting line.

Automobile manufacturers also have to keep up a fast pace in marketing their innovations. We are there to help with innovative service packages.

Integrated solutions for successful campaigns

During our more than 45 years of partnering with customers from the automobile industry, we have developed a highly diversified service portfolio. This includes customized solutions that extend beyond mere distribution of brochures, service information, promotional items and vehicle operating manuals.

We also make sure that your information and materials are available on time and according to demand. The result is well-conceived, successful campaigns that make their full impact on the market. The following is a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Management of dialogue campaigns and CRM programs
  • Editing, conception and creation of log books, repair manuals and marketing brochures
  • Procurement of printed and advertising materials
  • Digital and non-digital distribution of information in any format
  • Integration of all process participants into a powerful network
  • Comprehensive exhibition services for trade fair exhibits, including arrangement of materials, personnel, and logistics processes as well as on-site service
  • Efficient, proactive coordination of all processes

Engineered to Perform

Supply Chain Management

The automotive industry is facing major challenges:  Every year, an increasing diversity of models must be coordinated across more markets.  In addition, thanks to the digitazion and networking of vehicles, automakers have direct contact with end customers for the first time.  Guaranteeing consistency and availability of the different communication channels is taking on a whole new meaning.  We have been the automotive industry's strategic partner for more than 45 years and are dedicated to implementing an integrated process along the customer lifecycle.  We see ourselves as setting the tempo of digital transformation for our clients.