Medical information

Competent, save, scalable

Rapid, qualified call-answering service with lower costs: First-level, flexible staffing of Arvato specialist medical hotlines with employees who are individually trained for each customer ensures that service levels are maintained with consistent quality, even with high call volumes. The staff members answer most of the calls themselves; all others are transferred to specialist departments of the company, as agreed upon in advance. Communications related to drug safety, such as adverse drug effects or product technical complaints are also recorded and passed on in accordance with statutory regulations. Arvato meets the particular requirements for data privacy protection by means of project-related work areas with separate access (closed shop) control.

Our employees are able to answer or take care of about 80 per cent of all inquiries, which already greatly helps reduce complexity for our customers. At the same time, differentiated monitoring tools offer maximum transparency at all times.

Dr. med Jens Härtel, Vice President

Your benefits

Reducing extra management work

Arvato manages all processes and provides maximum transparency for centralised systems.

Lowering costs

Efficient use of personnel leads to notable cost savings with the same level of quality.

Recognising potential for improvement

Arvato analyses and classifies all calls and provides important information about where the customer can respond pro-actively to any weak spots.