Payment Solutions

Because we know that every business is different, we have designed our global payments solutions to be fully customizable. Our payment services can be automated and require minimum maintenance to reduce complexity and cost for our clients.

Through our global banking network and innovative payment platform, we manage multiple currencies and support all local and international payment methods. Our services include:

  • Payments
  • Accounting
  • Acquiring
  • Fraud & risk detection
  • Case management
  • Business Intelligence

Bespoke, cost-effective solutions

Through a unique, consultative approach, combined with our “plug and pay” based global payment infrastructure, clients can align their business models with their customer base and with local and legal requirements in a cost-effective manner.

We provide a powerful payment processing platform to support multiple card and electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment methods globally. The platform allows clients to connect through custom application or via our hosted pay page. A web-based interface also makes it possible to manually process orders, maintain a negative list, and generate comprehensive reports

Payment After Delivery

arvato’s payment solutions provide a safe, convenient shopping experience with features that match the modern consumer’s behaviour and needs – today and in the future.

They give your customers the freedom to decide where, when and how to pay by providing modern and flexible payment options, regardless of channel or device, and across the most important e-commerce markets internationally.


Discover more about Payment After Delivery:

Facts & Figures

We offer credit card processing in up to 124 transaction and 20 settlement currencies

We offer over 100 payment methods, including relevant local payment heroes worldwide.

We offer market-leading in-house Open Invoice and (SEPA-) Direct Debit solutions

Client Benefits

Increase flexibility and improve customer experience

Our payment platform allows you to flexibly add new payment methods aligned to your business model and local market requirements, offering choice and easy-to-use payment methods to your customers.

Secure and cost optimized credit and debit card processing
arvato’s robust, scalable and secure technology adheres to the strictest PCI and security standards.

Enabling growth
With more than 120 payment methods, 113 banking partners, 11 fraud/risk partners and a 100% PCI-compliant system, Arvato has the strength and scale to support your business growth.


AfterPay is the modern and secure way to shop and pay online. With AfterPay you can offer your customers the freedom to choose where, when and how to pay through our flexible payment methods, regardless of the channel and device. This convenience will increase the conversion on your website and in addition generate satisfied loyal customers.

Trust’n Pay enables secure Payment After Delivery solutions for retailers. Clients receive the full invoice amount – even if the customer does not pay or if there is a charge back, transforming Payment After Delivery, direct debit and instalments into secure and clearly calculable payment methods.