Risk and Fraud Managment

We help clients minimise risk by analysing and scoring customer data, and maintaining constant checks of customers’ financial status.

By reducing bad debt losses across all phases of the customer life cycle, our risk management service helps clients significantly increase their revenues. Our offering can be used by our clients at the start of a new customer relationship to enable appropriate decisions on how they want to treat their customers, including the definition of credit limits and payment methods.

A proactive approach to credit and collections challenges

Without the ability to effectively target at-risk customers with the right strategy, bad debt has been shown to rise considerably. We use a proactive approach to credit and collections challenges, using advanced real-time trending analytics to recognise customer, industry and country-specific trends and mitigate risk.

Through our partners, we provide up-front credit control through both online and offline credit/risk assessments and analysis, as well as offline credit history and reference checks. We deliver periodic credit and risk reviews to minimise bad debt exposure.

Facts & Figures


As part of our risk management offering, we manage 170 million credit rating queries each year.


The average response time for 75% of all credit checks we perform is under 1 second


As part of our risk management offering, we complete over 60m payment authorizations annually

Client Benefits

Increased conversions
Post credit check, Arvato’s risk management technology identifies relevant payment methods for each individual customer, increasing conversion through a personal approach

Reduction of complexity
Arvato’s comprehensive risk management solutions cover all aspects of risk managements and analytics, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Sophisticated tracking technologies for the detection of fraud patterns
PC, tablet, smartphone or game console: each of these devices leaves a unique and identifiable trace. Arvato’s sophisticated tracking technology identifies particular internet access devices on the basis of this in real-time, protecting your business from fraudulent users.


Maximize your earnings while minimizing risks

Our unique approach to risk management involves a dedicated Risk Manager taking over the continuous analysis of your risk management and support you in all matters concerning risk management.

Risk and fraud prevention
Automated and rule-based risk and fraud prevention for protection against losses on bad debts ensures the success of your company.

Active management of payment options
Improve customer satisfaction by giving your customer the choice to choose between all payment options available depending on the individual risk profile. 

Dynamic limit management
Assess the risk and potential of your customers by developing and managing a dynamic limit through the use of external credit scores and available payment information.

Real time reporting on all relevant KPIs gives you transparency throughout your risk management process, anytime and anywhere.

Configuration instead of programming
The modular structure of risk solution services gives you maximum flexibility: fast and uncomplicated adjustment of your risk management to changes in framework conditions.

Identify fraudulent devices and fraud quickly and efficiently

The internet is a good place for business. For traders, however, it is also an unsafe and anonymous place. This concerns mainly online shops as well as providers in the telecommunication or online gaming sector. They face high losses due to fraudulent activities. For example: Fraudsters place several orders in an online shop within a short time period using different user names.The deliveries are sent to different but existent addresses. Or a user creates several accounts with incorrect identity in order to illegally make multiple use of special offers.

protactix® minimises the financial losses and the damage to your image resulting from fraud and payment defaults for providers of digital services, such as video on demand, streaming, gaming, online advertising, music downloads, social networks, cloud computing and dating agencies. protactix® offers you a combined defence against fraud and other risks in one standardised, modular yet customisable solution that can be individually configured to meet your needs. All registration and ordering process transactions are checked and analysed to provide real time control and improve your conversion rate. As a plug-and-play solution, you can connect to protactix® and set it up within two days.

RiskShield 360° deters fraudsters

The increasing pressure of competition and ongoing industrialization further reduce the scope for insurance companies. Therefore, the handling of claims becomes more and more important for insurance companies. In this context, one essential factor is to prevent insurance fraud

eCommerce merchants face growing challenges in protecting themselves and their customers from ever increasing fraudulent activity.  In particular Card not Present fraud is escalating and is expected to outpace e-Commerce growth, leaving many businesses unprepared and using outdated technology.  With online fraud becoming a greater threat day-by-day, corporations need to act fast to take back full control of card transactions.

If your business is suffering from the time-consuming, costly burden of performing order reviews in-house, then you’d benefit significantly from Arvato’s Profit Protection solution.