"Arvato Systems' SmartShift approach enables us to advance our IT transformation on the go. As a multi-platform cloud integrator, Arvato Systems provides us with a significant competitive advantage in the market and supports our strategic expansion."

Clemens Wahlfeldt, Managing Director Gutenberg at Rechenzentrum GmbH & Co. KG (IT Service of the MADSACK Media Group)

VMWare and Arvato Systems: A strong team

"With Arvato Systems' Smartshift approach, companies are mastering the step into a strategic IT transformation."

IT transformations are always complex projects and our job is to make change manageable by dividing it into meaningful segments and focusing on the right topics. VMWare gives us this flexibility by proactively managing the status, performance, and capacity of IT services across multiple cloud environments.

Bring your business forward by IT transformation in ongoing operations.

In the SmartShift approach, the transformation takes place step by step. All levels on a need-based basis are taken into account - PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. Many IT managers are hesitant about the cloud transformation because holistic conversion is risky and it is difficult to predict in advance whether the desired success will occur. With the smart transformation, a gradual and thus low-risk conversion is possible. You as the customer determine the individual transformation speed.

The smart approach uses a structured process model to analyze the status quo of your IT landscape with the goal of identifying all cloud potentials and their opportunities as well as risks. Together, the critical fields of action regarding cloud and the technical requirements are defined. Also, by using a cloud scoring model for a multi-cloud business, developed for this very purpose, the critical fields of action regarding cloud are conciliated with the corporate strategy. The cloud heat map visualizes the areas of work and assists in evaluating the practicability of your company.

Exclusive study "THE EXPONENTIAL ECONOMY" by Professor Feng Li

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Your advantages gained by the SmartShift approach

Individual customer speed

Gradual conversion to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Self-service offerings and gradual scaling

Multi Cloud Management

Transparency in costs and benefits

Security with compliance guidelines