We deliver best-in-class logistics solutions locally and globally

Global logistics for us means being able to connect you with your customers anywhere. In our fast-evolving world, the customer chooses the channels and dictates how service excellence is defined. We power the logistics backbone and orchestrate the multichannel fulfilment for B2C, B2B, store and retail fulfilment. With our innovative solutions and technologies, we ensure customer-centric operations and bring your omni-channel visions to life. 

The World is a Journey

At Arvato SCM, Supply Chain Management is about more than the classic definition of the term. It is the journey of each product for our customers whether it's local or global.  We facilitate the journey efficiently and efffectively so that what makes your organization unique shines through.

Our customer’s unique needs are the center of any solution we create; offering customized solutions designed to meet specific needs, rather than just services. We always strategize, operate and deliver excellence, with industry specialists and more than 14,000 employees worldwide in the fields of Telecommunication, HighTech & Entertainment, Automotive | Banks | Insurance, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Products and Publisher working together to deliver solutions that work for your business.  

The essence Arvato Supply Chain Management is facilitating cross-industry and stand-alone customized solutions, so that your end customers can experience amazing services that bring them closer to your brand.

And we don’t stop there: For us go-live is only the beginning, it is one major milestone in the customer journey. Our commitment is in the long-haul, investing in long lasting, sustainable partnerships with our customers.

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Fashion & Consumer Goods

Through process automation, we guarantee a highly flexible operation in peak seasons for flat and hanging garments, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry.  We provide the best logistics solutions utilizing our industry-specific experience.


Hightech & Entertainment Logistics

For the hightech, entertainment, and consumer electronics industry, we offer a broad range of services which cover the entire forward and reverse logistics supply chain for B2B, B2C, and multi-channel solutions.


Marketing Supply Chain Management

arvato, as the  front-running marketing logistics service provider understands the needs of their clients perfectly. Short-term packaging, large cross-docking campaigns, high-circulation distribution campaigns with short run-in times, transparency, and cost consciousness are self-understood.


After Sales Management

Making after sales information scalable.  Our scalable approach ensures the efficient creation, publication and distribution of your technical product content.  By revolutionizing your information process chain through streamline system and process landscapes, we help you save costs over the long term.


Telco Logistics

With a clear focus on the telecommunication sector, Arvato has created a set of innovative services that satisfy our clients need for Telco Logistics.


Training & Education

Serving the training market for more than 17 years, Arvato has build up a suite of services to support your training organization.  Our services are designed to put you on the path to becoming a "digital-first" business.


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