We develop your business by giving your customers the best possible brand experience

Our clients entrust us their most valueable assets – their customers. So whatever we do, with every service and solution we offer, and whenever we are in contact with our clients' customers, we do everything to give them the best brand experience possible.

We do not simply achieve this delight – we carefully construct it bit by bit. Our universal tool is developing and managing sophisticated processes based on advanced outsourcing technology.


The Arvato division in South Africa an international business process outsourcing provider. We are specialized in producing and distributing physical and digital information and goods for your company. With more than 40 years of international experience in a wide variety of industries, we ensure that your business information and materials are available exactly where they are needed: worldwide, at the right time and place, in high quality, and in the amount needed. 

Industry leaders, major companies from the automotive industry, and other international multi-brand enterprises from a wide range of industries rely on our services and ability to innovate. We enable our clients to realize their full business potential in South Africa and throughout the African Continent.

Experts in business process management that meet every individual customer's need

Our profound expertise in smart processes and technology, combined with our deep market understanding and committed people, makes us the one company that is truly capable of the power of customer relations.

Facts & figures

Arvato is…70,000 people around the world and countless services for customers from all over the world.



Our top management works with our employees to engineer solutions for our customers – actively, with focus and great passion.


Locations worldwide

We are right where our customers need us – in more than 40 countries on all continents.



We measure entrepreneurial success not only by economic indicators, but also by how sustainable and responsible our conduct is.



More than 175 years ago, Carl Bertelsmann established a lithographic press in Gütersloh, thereby laying the cornerstone for our current and future activities.



Whether you’re just starting your career, a young professional, specialist or manager, Arvato offers you a number of entry possibilities, challenging tasks, and exciting career prospects.



All the latest news about our company, along with up-to-date information and visuals – clearly structured and available at a click.



Our customers’ success is our greatest priority. If, on top of this, our performance wins recognition from official bodies we are, of course, delighted.