Implant Kits

Implant Kits

While inventory management optimises the consignment warehouses, implant kits can significantly reduce them. All the products and materials needed for an implantation are brought together in the implant kit and delivered to the hospital as required for the operation, after which they are collected again. Strategic forward-stocking locations facilitate rapid delivery. The prompt and precise invoice sent to the hospital will only include the parts that are actually used. This ensures that All the necessary products – both the implant and the necessary accessories – are in the right place at the right time, so that the hospital staff can focus on the patient.

Your benefits

Centralising inventory

Implant kits render some of the consignment warehouses superfluous

Reliability for clinical staff

All materials for an operation are received as one delivery, right on time

Accelerated invoicing

Prompt recording and invoicing – but only for the products that are actually used

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