Cold chain transport

Active cooled transport by linehaul

Temperature-managed transport is essential for many medicines and medicinal products. However, many freight carriers only offer national cold-chain transport. Often, only passively cooled transport is available for international freight. Arvato provides an advantageous alternative. Using a direct connection, Harsewinkel feeds daily cold-chain shipments into the network of a local refrigerated carrier, where they are forwarded with active cooling. Delivery to Italy takes 48 to 72 hours (including delivery time) – approximately 24 hours longer than with passively cooled transport. On the other hand, there are savings of more than 20 percent due to lower cost of picking, optimised cardboard packaging and the elimination from the process of expensive insulated boxes. In addition to this, Arvato also guarantees GDP-compliant shipping.


20 %

savings. Due to lower picking costs, optimised cardboard packaging, and the elimination from the process of expensive insulated boxes.

Your benefits

No more product spoilage

The products remain within the cold chain at all times, even in the event of delayed delivery

Defined returns process

Backhaul of medicines possible thanks to temperature tracking

Regional expertise

Thanks to connections with local refrigerated carriers

GDP-compliant shipping

Temperature tracking and regular audits of the carrier by Arvato Healthcare Quality Assurance