Thwarting counterfeit medicines

To prevent counterfeit medicines from reaching pharmacies, serialisation is going to be made mandatory in the EU. The only way to generate millions of serial numbers and apply them to products is use powerful IT systems. As such, this Arvato service combines high-performance components that involve all stakeholders, from the manufacturer to the pharmacy.

Integrated IT solution

The numbers are managed in the Corporate Serialisation Database (CSDB) and transmitted to manufacturing subcontractors and packaging service providers as required. A (CSDB) site module guides the interaction with the production machines, in order to apply the codes to the folding boxes. In the next step, the CSDB reports printed serial numbers to the national verification systems (e.g. Securpharm in Germany).

Your benefits

Data protection

Encrypted data exchanges and VPN leave no room for manipulation.


Changes can be implemented quickly without extensive programming effort.

Late-stage finishing

When batches are repackaged, codes can be easily deactivated by scanning, and new codes can be applied.