Transport Management

The European transport market exhibits a wide range of variation in terms of delivery deadlines, reliability, cold-chain services and – of course – costs. Arvato’s artis in-house transportation system is a best-in-class solution that allows users to select the most suitable and most economical carrier for each consignment – whether it is a small package, an actively cooled transport, a courier or entire pallets. With more than 100 connected carriers, artis can be used to register and trace every consignment from a central point. Should something unexpected happen with a delivery, the system runs through known scenarios and suggests alternative ways to deliver the consignment on time. Another advantage is that no matter how many consignments customers dispatch or how many carriers they use, at the end of the billing period they will receive a sorted list of all their consignments, checked by Arvato.

Your benefits

Increased transparency

An overview of all freight carriers and their services

Reduced administrative costs

All consignments consolidated and checked in a single invoice

Proactive troubleshooting

Known scenarios and alternative solutions in the event of problems in the transport process